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Being a beta version as reported by Luca Todesco, it comes along with some bugs and risks that are commonly encountered on pieces of software. Notwithstanding the risks that it implies a lot of users have undergone this procedure and downloaded the IPA and are now faced with some issues.

First of all, you have to make sure that your device is compatible with this update and secondly you have to be a registered Apple Developer and have Xcode installed on your Mac device. Bear in mind that your computer should have the latest version of iTunes as well. If you are going to go the full length make sure to backup your device data.

The steps to bear in mind are to connect your device via an USB cable. Afterwards, you’ll have to open the Cydia Impactor and drag-and-drop the IPA file. When Cydia asks for your Apple ID and password make sure to enter it and then Cydia should begin singing the Yalu IPA.

The following step is to go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and click it. Go back to your home screen, find the Mac_Portal item and all you’ll have to do is wait for the jailbreak to have Cydia installed. It will now reboot and install the semi-untethered jailbreak. This means you’ll have to manually reboot your device after each jailbreak that is performed.

Cydia will be 100% functional but we do not guarantee its stability. Also, your Mobile Substrate won’t work. This means that you’ll have to have knowledge of how to gain aces to the iOS system root in order to make any modifications.

If you are one of the most patient iOS users please do bear in mind that a stable version of this jailbreak should be released soon.