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It’s safe to say that the most popular worldwide gaming franchise that’s available on both PC and console platforms is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto 5 back in 2013 and the company is still managing to keep players entertained while generating huge amounts of profits through GTA 5 Online.

The way Rockstar Games manages to keep the game so popular even after 3 years of is by releasing a constant stream of updates and DLCs but according to a recent report, players are not interested in GTA Online anymore.

One of the biggest GTA 5 Online communities is “GTA 5 Cheats” and the website’s admins recently conducted a survey to see what players really wanted next and to everyone’s surprise GTA 5 Online content wasn’t what players wished for.

The voting poll contained four options and gathered over 1,000 votes until now. Among all those 1,000 players, only 46 of them wanted additional Online DLCs while the majority of them asked for new story content.

When GTA 5 was first launched, Rockstar Games promised players that additional story adventures would be added but as soon as GTA 5 Online blew up, the gaming developer changed its focus towards online DLCs. This upsets players because they wanted to able experience more adventures while playing as Michael, Trevor or Franklin and instead of giving players what they promised, Rockstar Games chose to pursue other goals.

In fact, a while ago reports were showing that the game developer was actually working on creating a new story DLC and that rumor was proven by dataminers who managed to find proof of new content in the game’s source code, but eventually Rockstar Games decided to scrap that project off.

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