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Rumored to be available only for the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2017, GALAX’s GeForce GTX 1070 comes with an extremely thin and wide cooling system. No further announcements about its availability in other parts of the world were issued. As most graphic chip manufacturers run dual slot graphic cards for anything over 75W, this one breaks the ice promising to be as good as those.

A lot of new motherboards come with a feature that allows its users to equip single slot graphics card. There are even pieces of hardware with extra add-ins such as SSD, additional SATA, audio and Thunderbolt 3 controllers. Despite this, single slot graphics cards do not offer high-performance. Some of them even sport doublewide radiators and such devices are even developed by graphics giants such as AMD and NVIDIA.

The GTX 1070 developed by GALAX however promises to pack a big punch despite having a single slot cooler. It will most certainly come equipped with a copper radiator that absorbs heat really quick due to the fact that is has thin fins and comes built into a metallic case. Its fan however is what gives its punch by creating high air pressure whilst rotating at an enormous speed.  The only downside is that its extremely noisy.

The first preview was to be seen in China and despite that no specs were revealed. Regarding the fact that those who partner with NVIDIA are not allowed to modify the graphics card’s clocking speed this one will most likely run on 1507/1683MHz. It also sports HDMI 2.0, DVI and a DisplayPort 1.2.

This highly anticipated graphics card is owned by Palit Microsystems which releases some NVIDIA-based chips. We are only going to see the likes of this card in china but we do hope that the company will expand its market, coming to the U.S and Europe as well.