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The next highly anticipated expansion that will hit Final Fantasy XIV is called Stormblood and fans were given some huge details regarding the upcoming game at the Fan Festival held this year in Tokyo. Some behind the scenes information was previously given in Las Vegas but the new information which was presented in Tokyo caused a great deal of excitement among fans.

Players are expected to have aces to a huge array of new content such as new classes, new gear and the increase of the level cap. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood takes place in Ala Mhigo as it was expected to do. One of the reasons might be the one that ALa Mhigo is an important pillar on which the story for Final Fantasy XIV stands.

The guy that players will have to defeat is Zenos which will most likely be tied up to the lore of Ala Mhigo. There isn’t much to know about Zenos and his followers right now but be assured that some epic fights should be made available when Stormblood is released on consoles.

A lot of new classes were previously added to the ever growing array of options which a player has upon creating a character. These include the likes of Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian. Another class which is to be added is the Red Mage class which has already been included in some installments. It has been teased that this class will weave physical and magic attacks and will have rapiers and vials as its primary weapons.

Swimming and diving will also be made available with this new expansion as well as an inventory increase and a reworked battle system.

Another important update to mention is that skills will be more easy to use and the level cap will be increased to 70 from 60.