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Cyanogen Inc. will no longer run nightly builds for its OS as of the 31st of December 2016. This announcement brought a great deal of joy to fans as its community will run as Lineage OS as stated by techcrunch.

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular Custom ROMs which can be used by users by installing or flashing in on their respective Android smartphones. By doing so, it entirely replaces their current Operating System. In order to do so, users have to root their device and install a backup before proceeding to install the Custom ROM.

CyanogenMod developers and its community have stated that they’ve lost their voice when it comes to deciding power in the company and are currently fearing that even though this is surmountable and further development will be done to the OS the possibility of CM being advertised to a third party developer will tear them apart completely.

This team has not stood still and has preemptively devised a plan in case of this happening. This project in which developers have spent all of their time and effort to complete will resume as Lineage OS and will be run by the CyanogenMod community. The only difference consists of the name being rebranded.

Despite their rebranding, developers have stated that no changes will be done to the OS and they’ve reinsured its users that it will be as flawless as ever. Lineage OS will be a team which will not benefit from any monetary support from Cyanogen Inc. which basically means that this piece of software will have to be open-sourced.

Another consequence of not having any support is that less used Android devices will not receive this software as the team will most likely focus on bigger and more important smartphones on the market as they are in a more higher demand.