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Being such a popular game, Cut the Rope 2 has a lot of playing ways and we are here to present you some tips and tricks to master it in no time. Either if you want to get Om Nom through the levels or get him as much candy as he could possibly eat, check this guide up.

More Ways To Feed Om Nom

Try exploring more ways in which you can beat a level. This multitude of choices makes the game interesting. It may seem pretty straight forward but try and mingle with clearing levels by scoring more or clearing it faster.

Explore The Levels

If you are the explorer-type of person don’t shy on repeating a level just to see how much it can offer as the game offers no pressure to its player. Who knows, you might actually get tied to a certain level by making it your favorite and repeat it for hours on end.

Time Attack

Getting all the stars in a level is a fairly easy task but one can find it difficult to get the highest score. To get the highest score possible you have to complete levels the fastest possible. Having close ties to the number two tip, try exploring levels first to gets a firsthand experience on what to expect.

Know Your Whereabouts

Om Nom can encounter a lot of obstacles along his way. Along with these obstacles some friends may tag along as you can use Lick to clear up some fogged paths. This tip can also help you clear a level faster thus earning you some bonus points and more stars

Additional Challenges

Having 20 levels per stage, players have the possibility of unlocking an additional 5 as per either buying them with $.0.99 or unlocking every medal which comes with every level pack. If you opt to pay for the extra levels that’s fine but we encourage you to grind for them as it improves the game’s experience

Wisely Use Your Hints

Few hints are available when you start the game. You will feel the need to use them all quickly but take your time because you will encounter moments when they are needed the most. Players will only then have the possibility to buy them but nobody wants to spend money on such things.

Patience Is Rewarded

Take your time in clearing your levels as beating them will reward you with extra in-game content for you to enjoy. After clearing one level cap for example players might receive winter clothing for Om Nom or extra levels could be unlocked. If you feel that a level can be improved try repeating it until you have reached your goal.

Items Will Help You

Some items are made available to help you and in some cases it will be impossible to clear a stage without using one of them. If you are in trouble and cannot advance further just take a quick glance at what you have at your disposal. Bear in mind though that they are limited as well.

Enable iCloud Sync

If you have multiple Apple devices and don’t want to restart the game on each device be sure that you have iCloud synchronized on all of your Apple devices. The progress of the game will remain the same on all gadgets either if you play from an iPhone or iPad.

Customizing Om Nom

As Zepto is extremely generous in adding fun content to the game it makes Cut The Rope 2 even more entertaining to play. Either if you play it or let your children do the work for you keep things entertaining by giving Om Nom a makeover. Either if you opt for putting a pair of wings on him or change the type of candy that he eats, make sure you keep things diversified.