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Clash Royal players should be happy to hear that Supercell’s Christmas update isn’t the last one they will receive, the game developer recently announced that a new Arena will be introduced in the game and will be accompanied by four new cards. News of this Arena has surfaced back on December 14th when Supercell teased the update and presented all the major changes.

The reason why Supercell gave away update information ahead of schedule is because the company has had its fair share of data leaks and this way Supercell avoids all further leaks. The new arena is dubbed as the “Jungle Arena” and it can be accessed once players reach the 2600 trophy milestone.

Supercell took a different direction design wise because the Jungle Arena features darker colors which are accompanied by lush greenery to fit the jungle theme. The bridge is made from three wooden logs and a floating lily pad. The arena will be accompanied by four new cards which will be released every two weeks.

Battle Ram

One of the rare cards is the battle ram and players need to use four elixirs in order to deploy the ram. The card is accompanied by two barbarians who use the battering ram thus dealing huge amounts of damage to buildings.

Dart Goblin

The card will be made available on January 13th and players will find out that it costs three elixirs. The Dart Goblin can be used both as an ground or air attacker, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it moves very fast and shoots very far at 6.5 ranges.


This is the most expensive card and it costs five elixirs to deploy. The Executioner has both ground and air damage attacks and it comes with the same movement speed rates like the Wizard but it attacks significantly slower.

Goblin Gang

The card uses three elixirs and as a return it spawns three goblins which are equipped with swords and three with spears.