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There are lots of buzz going on in Clash of Clans, as players got confused on which troop combinations are best to use when making an attack. Well, perhaps one of the reasons that make an attack futile is due to troop combinations.

Here are some of the troops that may not be so useful when making your own attack in Clash of Clans.

  • Goblins

Seriously, goblins might probably be a joke for many players. This is because they only attack resources, aside from being very weak. As players level up, these troops might just be useless, particularly when farming due to the heavy defense that awaits them.

  • Lava Hounds

It doesn’t take elixir to train this type of troop because it uses dark elixir to train and upgrade. Aside from being an expensive troop to train, it takes much troop space, considering it doesn’t do much damage to the opposing village. Although it serves as a flying Golem, it should be with a group that are also as expensive. For this reason, it shouldn’t be trained for regular raids.

  • Wall Breakers

At the advent of the Jump Spell, players started to quit training Wall Breakers. This is because these troops can only do so much damage, considering the addition of defenses at the higher levels. Players tend to choose Jump Spell more because they only have to worry about which set of walls their troops need to jump in order to enter the base of the opponent.

  • Wizards

These troops are great when used with a combination of high-level troops. Now, this could only matter when used during wars, but not during regular raids. They are fairly priced, but they also occupy at least 4 troop spaces each. For this reason, it really require skills when attacking an opponent’s base with these types of troops.

  • Minions

Minions are useful only when combined with high-level troops. Possible combination might include Balloons, Lava Hounds, Dragons, and other flying troops. But, mind you, these are not cheap troops to train. They are expensive, so you must be aiming to win big if you train these types of troops these days.

  • Dragons

If you were so excited then after upgrading your training camp to a level where you can already train Dragons, then things have changed, friend. This is because you are bound to lose if you focus on an all Dragon attack.

Nowadays, defenses have upgraded and more defenses have been added. You might think of having a combo attack, which will include Dragons, Balloons, Minions, and Lava Hound. But this is an expensive combo that you might want to ponder on.

If you are still playing Clash of Clans these days, it is good to note that there are so many upgrades and features being added to the game. Supercell also has other games that you might want to check out, which include Boom Beach and Clash Royale. But statistically, lots of players would prefer downloading and playing Clash of Clans more than any other game from Supercell.