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The very popular Clash of Clans has been on the receiving end of some critique for its recent updates. It seems that people weren’t too fond of what the game’s developer, Supercell offered in the past few iterations of Clash of Clans, thus resulting in a tension among the community.

That being said, the Clash is back with a fresh December update that brings new features as well as modifications to old stuff. Overall, it looks like the community is pleased with the latest offering, meaning that Supercell might be on the right path towards redemption.

There are several changes that take place in this update, so we’re going to go over them and see what players can expect if they’re going to log on straight into the new patch. For starters, a lot of units have received level cap modifications. Let’s take a closer look at what that means for the game as a whole:

  • Level cap increased to 45 for Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens;
  • Level cap increased to 6 for Golems;
  • Level cap increased to 7 for Hog Riders;
  • Level cap increased to 7 for Clan Castles;
  • Level cap increased to 5 for Poison Spells.

On top of getting a level cap increase, poison spells now also get two slots and a considerable buff in power. If you’re going to use poison spells, be prepared for the extended radius as well.

It seems like all elements have been altered positively here. Players that have noticed the differences between a Town Hall upgraded to level 10 and 11 will get why Supercell has pushed these changes.

It is their way of balancing out the game and bringing it to a more stable position. This will also pave the way for more future successful updates that can build on the positive feedback of this December patch.