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Amazon Echo saw its release about two years ago and it took the market by storm. Being regarded as a highly futuristic device, it not only brought the AI-type of software named Alexa to life but it also meant that progress in this sector can be achieved.

This type of progress is encountered in Google’s version of Amazon’s Echo, casually named Google Home. It bears some similarities to its competitor but we are here to see what sets them apart.


They are both state of the art devices that should blend in in any home due to the fact that they are sleek and modernist looking. Amazon echo measures 9.2 inches in height and it’s depicted as a small black tower with some lights atop.

The smaller 5.6 inch Google Home takes the form of a vase. It has a white main body and some color variants which can be changed regarding its base. If you are not in the know about these devices you might even think Google’s device is an air freshener.

Voice Commands

Both devices function pretty much the same as you are needed to ask the time in order for them to start. A big difference is regarded as their way of functioning as Echo has a direct connection to Amazon Assistant which can answer a wide array of questions as opposed to the Home which is directly connected to Google’s whole database.

You can ask it complex follow-up questions and will be awestruck by how well it performs. Google’s Home is hands down the winner here as Echo can be sometimes confused, politely telling you so but both devices do their job pretty well.


Both devices were initially designed as audio speakers. They will not sound as great as cord based speakers but bottom line they will do their job pretty well. Streaming music via Bluetooth and services such as Pandora and Spotify they perform rather decent for a casual listener to enjoy.

Unique Traits

Google Home caused a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts despite the fact that Echo has a two year advantage and can do stuff like track missing phones and even dim your lights. It actually makes great use of its 3000 individual skills.

Google Home can do just as much and even more as it has a wider array of information to choose from and more tech support is offered towards it.