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WhatsApp is known all around as an app that gets the job done whenever you are in need of a means of communication with your friends and family. Easy to install and even easier to use, WhatsApp makes sure that all your experiences are easily shared as text, photo or even video content, all at the tip of your fingers.

What not that many people know however, is the fact that WhatsApp also consumes a lot of mobile data. This can be a complete deal breaker for some, so we are providing you with a couple easy solutions on how to reduce the mobile data costs of WhatsApp on your device.

Auto downloading no more

If your device has auto downloading enabled on WhatsApp, you probably lose mobile data at insane rates. There’s a lot of data downloading going on with WhatsApp, due to all the back and forth sharing of video and photo content.

If you’re part of a group chat where people send stuff that isn’t even addressed to you, it’s an even bigger waste as your phone will keep downloading other people’s conversation related media. Disable the feature to save massively on mobile data.

Lower call quality

You’d be surprised how WhatsApp’s low quality voice call settings aren’t actually that “low”. Sure, it’s obviously lower than what you might be used to, but if high quality on your voice calls are what you consider luxury, you probably need to switch to low settings. This will save you a lot of mobile data.

WiFi saves the day

This one might sound a bit redundant, but if you have the chance to use WiFi, take it. Some people tend to ignore WiFi availability and continue using mobile data because it seems as it’s in abundance. The smart way to go about it is to preserve mobile data no matter how much of it your currently have, for times when you will be restricted to using nothing other than mobile data.