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Being the top marketer regarding devices that run Android, Samsung has to regain their customer’s long lasting trust after the Galaxy Note 7 total failure. One of the things that can fix its reputation is the launch of yet another new flagship device that continues the Galaxy series, namely Samsung Galaxy S8.

It was expected of them to announce its release at Mobile World Congress in February. It is rumored though that the flagship will make its first appearance in New York in April 2017. One of the main reasons of this delay is that Samsung has to be 100% sure that its device is flawless before launching a ticking time bomb as the Note 7 happened to be.

Samsung has allegedly solved the issue that caused its devices to overheat and eventually explode as per reported by regulatory agencies. A full report on this should be issued before the New Year starts.

Previous rumors put the Note 7’s design at fault as it was too tight and led to its slow and steady damage of the battery that contracted and eventually exploded causing irreparable damage to the respective devices. Being regarded as a major setback they are prepared to come back stronger than ever with new state of the art features and design. One cannot imagine this happening again to S8, mainly because it will lead to the South Korean tech giant’s downfall.

SamMobile, a certified site that is all too familiar with Samsung leaks say they are taking two months of extra time to fail-proof their device thus making sure that it will not disappoint upon its release. This year’s flagship is going to be an all-Edge device with a curved AMOLED panel.

Some new features are to be implemented as an iris scanner, the removal of the physical home button that will be replaced with a capacitive one. One cannot be sure though about the phone’s specs and all we have to do is wait until April to find out.