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Either if you opt to build enormous structures adding block upon block or if you opt to mine for coal in order to light some torches to get you over the night, Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great game which can be played on a plethora of devices.

Here are some tips and tricks which will most certainly make it better at building your Minecraft world.

Differences Between Survival And Creative Modes

You have the option of playing two game modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition depending on your style of play.  If you want to go creative a full inventory containing endless supply is offered and there are no NPCs to combat. You also are presented with the option of creating and crafting to your heart’s content.

On the other hand in survival mode you can encounter night and day and you’ll start with your inventory empty. You’ll have to channel your inner manhood to harvest materials in order to build tools that will progress you further into the game. Please do note that you are vulnerable to monsters and angry mode.

How To Use Seeds

Being able to name the world you start to create, you also are given a section called Seed. These are virtually some packs which you can load being given the opportunity of either ending up in a world of lava or one full of ice. This might be a good start-up point if you do not know what to do as it offers a clean start to your world.

Break Down Those Trees

If you opt to play the survival mode the first and foremost thing that you have to do is harvest wood. Walk up to a tree and simply start punching it. If you see some wood falling down after the tree is destroyed just walk over it to pick it up. It provides some helpful start-up materials.

Crafting Tables

Once you’ve finished with harvesting wood, enter the Craft menu and tinker with a new Crafting Table as it allows you to create new tools. Do this by creating some wooden planks and you can work your way to creating a wooden axe after that. From then on you get the ability to break through stone and the list could endlessly go on.

Finding Coal

Coal is the best resource when you’ve just started the game. Coal can be harvested from rocks that have it as its present. Another option if to dig at least five blocks into stone. Once you’ve progressed enough into the game to have access to mines your urgency to find coal will be close to none.

Get Some Shelter

If you opt to play on survival mode do bear in mind that you won’t be able to build a house straight away. Get some protection from mobs and monsters by cutting stone in which you can hide yourself. 8 or 10 blocks should be sufficient. We advise you to also light a torch as light keeps monsters away !

Don’t Burry Yourself Alive

Being so easy to do one might find the urge to endlessly dig wherever he can. That’s fine by me but please make sure you won’t dig deep enough that you won’t have the ability to get yourself out of a hole. If you do that please keep some sticks on you, if not a few torches.

Build Your Castle

Once you’ve started accumulating some game knowledge, building a house for yourself takes top priority. Harvest a few supplies and move out of your cave. Materials such as stone and wood can be used to build such house. Another tip is to play in creative mode to make sure you understand the full process.

Evade Mobs By Using Peace Mode

If you don’t want to be hindered by various creeps and pesky little monsters hop into the settings menu and change the difficulty to its lowest. Peaceful mode doesn’t let any monsters approach you and you can enjoy a safer survival mode.