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Those who have an Xbox One will be in for a treat as the new Mass Effect game will show its debut before it does on PC and PlayStation 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda availability on Xbox One devices was bluntly leaked by the guys from GraingerGames who displayed a logo stating “Play it first on Xbox One”.

This doesn’t come out as a surprise considering the fact that EA has seen earlier launches of their games on the Xbox device. Such launches include the likes of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Battlefront, NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17.

Xbox One owners are privileged as they will be able to go through a lot of Mass Effect content before anyone else. EA however didn’t release an official statement regarding its EA Access front but players are expected to enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda nonetheless.

No other official issue was sent by EA, offering us the option only to wait until early January when an official release date will be announced. Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to hit the stores in spring 2017 and BioWare should provide us more information about this aspect.

Rumor has it that information regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda should be provided at gaming conferences such as PAX South and PAX East.

Considering it’s just a trial run before the full version hits we can only be excited about what the full version of Mass Effect: Andromeda will offer. The gaming giants from Electronic Arts should not disappoint us as they are known to score huge hits in sales and they’ve provided fans with quality content for years on end.