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The highly anticipated next generation console coming from the Japanese tech giant Nintendo which goes by the name Nintendo switch raised a lot of interest among gaming enthusiasts. Being scheduled for released in March 2017 it is able to operate as both console and tablet via its 720p in-built display.

Rumor has it that when docked in console mode, the Nintendo Switch could be twice as powerful as it is in tablet mode regarding graphics processing. This leak was made public by Eurogamer via a spec sheet that showed constant CPU speeds in both modes while its GPU clocked at 307.2MHz undocked as opposed to 768MHz when it operates as a console.

This leaves room for game developers to adjust to the customers’ needs by tweaking their games either by upscaling or downscaling them in various modes such as being played at home or on a portable device. The docked version can offer 1080p resolution and general improvements as it benefits from the added power with the goal of increasing details.

As the desired goal is to offer the same GPU power across both modes, developers and future buyers are hoping that this will be also matched by Nintendo. Games will also be able to be developed easily as more adjustments won’t be necessary.

Docked or Undocked, the Nintendo Switch is expected to exceed Wii U regarding graphics capacity and overall gaming experience. Despite its huge popularity, Nintendo’s new device cannot hope to stand a chance regarding sales when it has the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as its direct competitors.

Aimed for a niche market, the Nintendo Switch will most likely attract a large customer base as it can be used as both a console and tablet, ability which gives fans a choice whether to take the fun outside or just relax at home while enjoying countless hours of quality-gaming.

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