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This puzzle video game consists in matching and swapping pieces of candy in order to make an explosive combination. If you want to be a pro at it please be sure to follow these tips and tricks. Be warned though, you might develop a sweet tooth!

Reshuffling Candy Without Losing Lives

Some players can figure out if a level is difficult or easy just by a taking a glance at it. If you want to shuffle a level without losing a life you just have to open the level and press the exit button. Bear in mind though that you are not allowed to make any moves before that.

Facebook Offers Infinite Lives

By keeping multiple tabs open on Candy Crush at the same time means that you will no longer have to wait for lives to refresh. Opening each tab with Candy Crush means that you’ll always have 5 lives ready to be lost at any given point in time.

Adding Some Extra Time To The Time Challenge

This can be done as getting as many +5 candies as possible to renew your time left. These candies are made available each time you cascade 4 combos. Another useful tip is to cascade candies at the bottom of your screen as there is a high possibility that candies above will cascade as well.

Use Your Brain

Make best use of your striped candies as soon as possible. Plan ahead of time before you get to swipe your screen and use them in such way that hard to get candies will be easily available. Despite being an easy game it takes some planning to beat each level.

Finish With Exta Moves

If you finish a game with some remaining moves please be sure to use them as they can earn you a lot of points and maybe transfer into more points as a school of jelly fish or striped candy will clear your board automatically.

Pink Bow

If you find yourself in a level that has a pink bow means that a Facebook friend has given you a gift which consists in three extra moves. If you are playing on mobile just play the game normally as these moves will be added automatically no matter on which device you are playing on.


As you can only have 5 lives available you have to postpone accepting gifts from your friends to the moment of actually needing them. There is no point in accepting extra lives when you don’t actually need them so please do yourself some good and check before accepting a gift.

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