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More good news emerges for Minecraft fans. After the glorious news that has hit PC and mobile players, regarding the launch of The End update on the two platforms, it’s once again time for Mojang to brighten up the day of those owning an Apple TV.

To be more specific, we’re talking about the fourth generation of Apple’s media streaming device, which will now be able to run Minecraft.

Although it’s a new platform for the game, the experience is intended to be the same as it is for console and PC users, with players running around randomly generated terrain and adding their own style to the worlds they create. With the ability to build anything you desire, one might think that DLC packs aren’t of much use in such a game but that couldn’t be any further away from the truth. With the inclusion of no less than 7 DLC packs made available, the Apple TV Minecraft experience will give players access to content such as Town Folk and City Folk skin packs.

There are also a number of mash-up available for the game, such as Cartoon, Plastic or Natural being added to the options granted to those who acquire Minecraft on Apple TV.

Playing the game on the newest added platform isn’t expensive, but it’s not charity either. If you have Apple TV and are interested in getting Minecraft, you will have to pay $20, which isn’t a whole lot considering all the content that you will gain access to, including the newest, and highly praised End Update.

Whether you’re a returning player to the phenomenon or a newcomer that wants to find out what the hype is all about, it’s a good time to pick it up since it’s available on more platforms and with more content than ever before.