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With the latest update on the Adobe Flash Player, new features and bug fixes were included and the developers saw to it that the released version will work on multi operating systems, including Linux, Mac and Windows.

Downloading the updated version is relatively easy via the website of Adobe and by following the instructions given. While the version is available for several OS platforms, the web browsers differ. In the case of Windows 10, the browser is known as Microsoft Edge. This browser replaced Internet explorer and came pre-installed with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Windows Server 2016.

Since Flash Player is already integrated in the operating system, user just has to enable it in Microsoft Edge. By doing so, it is possible to watch animation, play games and open rich content with the Flash Player platform.

To go to the Edge Menu, simply click the “…” button. Next, select the “Settings” menu. Search for the “Advanced Settings” option and click on the button that says, “View advanced settings” menu. Under the Advanced Settings window, search for choice that says “Use Adobe Flash Player” and turn the toggle switch to “on” to enable Adobe Flash Player.

However, Windows 10 users who are looking forward to enjoying the features of Adobe Flash Player might be surprised to know that doing so will not be automatic as expected. A few days ago, the developers of Microsoft Edge announced that the content of Flash Player will be blocked by default.

While users can still enjoy viewing Flash Player content on the Microsoft Edge browser, the freeware needs to be enabled each time. Despite blocking the application from the web browser, users can still have the option to manually enable Flash Player if they want to.

According to Microsoft, this move was part of their plan to encourage users to use HTML5 alternatives with the transition being easier by giving people the option to enable Adobe Flash Player if they need to watch Flash content. Microsoft prefers HTML5 since it is more secure and does not consume much battery. This is also in line with their aim to allow user experience to grow, thus, Microsoft Edge will ditch Adobe Flash Player in Windows 10 Creator’s update set for 2017.