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WhatsApp has made it clear that it intends to dominate the instant communication app market for the foreseeable future. Thanks to its impressive list of features, it is able to make these claims and stick to the number 1 spot on any list you might come across.

Although there are some worthy competitors that might be able to compete with Facebook’s app, WhatsApp takes the cake through its versatility and efficiency.

WhatsApp’s philosophy as of late seems to be “hey, let’s add another cool feature”, as the chat service made some pretty big implementations not that long ago pertaining to video calling functions.

According to some recently learned information, WhatsApp users might be getting yet another feature. The newest addition that might be on the way is an Unsend button. The functionality of this button is pretty obvious, but just to make sure everyone’s on the same page this button would be able to undo the action of sending a message to someone on WhatsApp.

We all are able to recall an instance where a message was sent to the wrong person or under the wrong influences, leaving the sender with a sense of regret. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore as WhatsApp’s Unsend button will be able to wipe your slate clean in a matter of moments.

More speculation added the complementary function of editing already sent messages. This would even cooler since it would nullify the need of additional messages. Just edit the one you sent and in which you forgot to specify that important detail, thus keeping your chat window nice and clean.

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