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This year has been a great one for WhatsApp users both on iOS and Android platforms. The Facebook owned company has been working really hard on adding new features such as the highly anticipated video calling feature, but the beta version of WhatsApp is where users can get their hands on new features before anyone else.

The latest features to be added in both the iOS and Android beta versions of WhatsApp are the revoke and edit messages options. This is completely innovative because it gives users the ability to recall sent messages, something which has never been done.

Right now, WhatsApp is working on improving the user privacy level and the company’s main focus is to allow users to select who can see their status updates but it might take some time until this feature is included in the official build because it’s still in the development phase.

The text messaging company has hinted at a preview option which will allow users to check out contains of different formats like PDFs, zip files and so on before downloading them. This isn’t the only feature WhatsApp is hinting at, the company also teased that they are working on adding a feature that gives users the ability to send files or pictures in their full resolution which improves WhatsApp’s functionality by a large margin.

The text messaging it’s on its way of becoming the most used app ever and it already has over one billion monthly active users. The app is mainly used for chatting and sending files, but WhatsApp is aspiring at more functions and that’s why rumor has it that WhatsApp Business Edition will be released in the near future.

This edition is focused towards giving businesses a platform from where they can interact with their customers the same way Skype is used.