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The era of common text messaging is gone as they were replaced with the more popular messaging apps. Despite being basically the same thing, there are some small details that differentiate them. We are going to talk about Viber’s new update that hit just before Christmas

Video Messaging

Video messages recently became available on Viber as it became the last popular messaging app to adopt this feature and fans are going crazy. It is accessible via text chat window and is limited to only 30 seconds of recording per video.

It is basically the same feature that WhatsApp uses as you pres and hold its chat button and as you let go of it your message is sent. You can also cancel the message if you don’t want to send it by swiping left to cancel it. The only downside is that Viber’s quick video doesn’t include audio and this can only drive tech enthusiasts to believe that they are solely focusing on offering GIF support.

GIF Support And Emojis

Being commonly called chat extensions by Viber, you now can add GIFs from third-party services. Stickers are also made available by adding the “@” symbol in chat windows. GIF support means that Viber users now have more options to customize their conversations.

Viber have stated that they will follow this trend and continue to let third-party services add more content to their app.

This comes out as big news as VIber is planning to revamp their emoticon pack which will feature a colorful aesthetic as stated by them. No mater of which messaging app you opt to use it makes little difference. They are all extremely good at what they were designed for and it only comes down to a matter of preference in choosing which to use.