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The goal in Tiny Wings is to take up to the sky. You play with a bird that has next to no wing span but where it lacks in flight capabilities it makes up in drive and energy. If you are looking for a game that will keep you in your seat for hours on end this is the one for you. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get your winged companion through the levels.

Control Your Slides

Being a game that bases itself solely on physics, we strongly advise you to replay some levels in order to get used to the controls. The Touch Teacher that assists you in the early stages of gameplay will not simply do. If you want you even could restart some games to play a level over and over

Nest Up Your Highscores

By completing objectives in Tiny Wings you’ll rack up some credits which are called objectives. A new nest will be awarded and you’ll get a new set of objectives along the way. This also means a highscore boost as nests are basically multipliers. If you’re looking for a higher game score do give nests some priority.

To The Sky

A great way to cash in some extra points is touching the sky. You’ll get twenty times your current multiplier if you touch the sky as much as you can. This also comes in handy as it implies the first tip as well. Once you’ve done with controlling your slides, high scores will be no problem at all.

Stay Low

If you are trying to get through the Flight School or an objective that requires a long distance to cover, staying low means a faster time. Your only focus should be getting there as quick as possible. This implies that things such as touching the sky will only set you back

Look Ahead

No matter how cute the feathered companion might seem please note that looking only at him will most likely imply failing miserably. This is okay to do in entry levels but as you get closer and closer to higher difficulty levels make sure that you are constantly look ahead of you.

Fever Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

If you find yourself playing for an objective that needs you to be in Fever Mode for 34 seconds, text a friend beforehand to give you a call. When you finish it get back into the game and it will auto-complete due to an in-game glitch.