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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners now have the possibility to upgrade their devices to Android Nougat beta which brings a lot of improvements to Galaxy devices. Tweaks in stability and fixes were addressed as well as the removal of Samsung Notes.

The Removal Of Samsung Notes

Preinstalled apps are now fewer due to the removal of Samsung Notes. Fans of this app can still manually download it from Google Play or Galaxy Apps. Its removal does not come as a letdown because it also received an update of its own.

Our advice is to backup data from Samsung Notes before upgrading to Android Nougat because there is a small chance of your data being deleted. It seems however that not all devices lost Samsung Notes as stated by Android Central but it’s better to plan ahead in case of your device wishes to delete it.

The Removal Of Samsung Experience Name

The Settings menu was also changed due to the fact that it no longer displays the name Samsung Experience in the About Device section. The new update comes in at 280MB and is on air right now. Those who want to update their respective smartphones will receive a notification regarding the update or manually doing it via the Settings menu.

Bug Fixing And Improving Stability

The latest Android Nougat update tackled some minor bug fixes and stability tweaks as the previous version encountered a lot of bugs. This one should put them down giving its user a better experience in using Samsung’s flagship phones.

Coming in as a minor upgrade, the newest version of Android Nougat smoothens some previous issues encountered in the older version, preparing Samsung’s smartphones for the official release for us to enjoy.