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Being one of the best racing games that you can download from the Apple Store, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make you a little faster with every race completed.

Race With Your Best Car

This tip seems a little bit common but bear in mind that racing the best car available will get you through the career mode quicker. Saving credits is a huge no-no as they are not worth the struggle. Don’t thing of upgrading your starting car but focus on performance ratings instead.

Upgrade Smart

Speed isn’t always the most important thing as opposed to upgrading the engine which might give you some extra benefits. Acceleration is crucial as it will most likely give you a head start in every race and from then on you could devise a strategy that will get you through corners quicker. Another good upgrade is the drivetrain as it will significantly lower your 0-60 time.

Shop Smart

It is possible to play this game entirely for free but spending a buck or two on packages might go a long way. There are discounts that can be as high as 40% which offer you a great advantage. Don’t spend your hard earned money on avoiding update timers because they are not worth it.

Know The Circuits

This cannot be done at the blink of an eye but takes some time instead. Take your time in analyzing every curb that a circuit has and build up your best strategy. To give an example, all Cup races at Laguna Seca will see you on the 22nd position which places you next to the final turn. You’ll need the fastest car possible to negotiate the turn in order to catch up some positions

Winning Drag Races Isn’t About Horsepower

As it doesn’t mean everything it sure is important. Timing is all that matters when it comes to drag races as RR3 uses Time Shifted Multiplayer where you battle real people who run on the same strip as you do. You have to shift perfectly in order to gain yourself a serious advantage. Switch your focus to the rev counter and try hitting the sweet spot every time.

Run Wide And Don’t Slide

Hitting the apex is the most important thing to do on a track but by running wide in a corner and hitting the grass will most likely lower your speed to irrecoverable amounts. Let your ride run a bit wide and use the full length of the track to your advantage. Break as late as possible while accelerating as soon as you exit the corner.

Bonuses Are To Die For

Some extra R$ can be earned via the bonus system which rewards loyal players that log onto RR3 on a daily basis. Another important tip is to race as clean as possible. If you hit an opponent on a track you’ll lose all of your after-race bonuses and as insignificant as it seems they add up over time and you’ll end up losing a lot more than you’ve wished for.

Use The Kerbs

Unlike in real-life, kerbs encountered in RR3 can prove to be helpful as the quickest way through a corner implies going over them. If you find yourself in an apex that implies hitting a kerb don’t thing about it too much and just do it as it can earn you a little extra speed.