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Tech enthusiasts are excited beyond belief about a new Surface Pro 5 which will be released in spring 2017. Microsoft’s aim as stated by them is not to come up with something out of the ordinary to make them sit atop their fierce competition but to slowly improve their device in order to make it more sought after as per every release.

As stated by their CEO Sataya Nadella, they are aiming to develop their own features that set them apart from competitors as it has become a monotonous trend for a couple of years now. Microsoft is aiming to further develop their ever so popular 2-in-1 laptops with an improved stylus and specs each year.

To continue the Stylus discussion, every new release of a Surface product comes with an improved one. The next year’s one is said to come with a rechargeable battery via an all interesting magnetic dock technology. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 users are rumored to recharge their Surface Pens by placing them on their devices. Their only competitor on this market, namely Apple, recharges its Pencils by connecting it through a lightning port. Regarding their specs, both have state of the art technology and hardware.

The to-be-released Surface Pro device is said to sport a whopping Intel Kaby Lake processor with the latest version of Windows 10 as its OS, rumored to be named Redstone 3. Display-wise, Microsoft is said to equip their Surface Pro 5 with two options that are equally outstanding, namely a 2K and 4K display variants.

It will also feature a detachable display and both versions will be able to make use of the Surface Pen. Longer battery life is also to be expected as it they are tailored to the needs of professional users of creative PCs.

Apple’s reign over this segment is surely going to plunder if Microsoft decides to include the above mentioned features into Microsoft Surface Pro 5.