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There had been new developments on Adobe Flash Player that took place a few days ago. Despite the announcement released by Adobe Systems that they will be dropping their support for the NPAPI version of Flash Player, an updated version was released last week. This was in line with the announcement last September that Linux support will continue and users will be notified for future updates. This was what Chris Campbell of Adobe mentioned.

True enough, just a few days ago, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Linux for Chromium and Linux for Firefox were released. What makes it more exciting was the synchronized release for other OS versions, including, MacOS, Windows and Chrome. According to Campbell, the update contains new features, security updates and bug fixes.

Downloading the latest Adobe Flash Player version is simple and easy. But in order to do this, the anti-virus software installed in the computer system should allow the installation. Whatever browser you are using, download can be done via the browser you are using and it can be done from the “Adobe” website.

For users with built-in Adobe Flash Player in their Google Chrome browsers, updating to the latest version is done automatically by Chrome although the feature should be enabled. This is done by downloading the system plug-in of the Adobe Flash Player from “”. From this page, the link is provided. Also, the user can opt to click the link to “instructions” and will be brought to the page where selection of OS and Flash Player version should be done.

While there are many online websites that offer downloads of the latest Adobe Flash Player version, it’s utterly important to only use trusted websites to prevent malware infection. Better yet, download from the Adobe website.

Meanwhile, the new features include, but are not limited to, Spherical videos support for Flash Player and AIR for desktop and Android devices, Instanced Drawing on AIR Desktop ( Beta quality), Assumptions and Dependencies, Separate HTTP and HTTPS permissions for Camera and Microphone and Projection classes.

For users who opted to be notified for update installation, they will be notified within a week after the release of the update. However, for those who want to uninstall Adobe Flash Player for Windows instead, it is also possible.