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Asia was already rolling out plenty of top tier smartphones from top manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, but it seems that lately concentrated efforts from China are pushing the country to the top of the charts.

We are of course talking about now popular brands Huawei and Xiaomi, which have gained a massive following in a relatively small timeframe thanks to their affordable handsets that also pack a punch in terms of performance and features.

Xiaomi’s Mi 5S hasn’t even released yet, with the official launch being set up for 2017’s CES event. That doesn’t really change people’s wishes of knowing what device is better at what. That being said, we are going to diagnose both units and hopefully come up with a conclusion.


It looks like Xiaomi’s handset will have to launch knowing that tough competition awaits it. Huawei’s Mate 9 packs a 6 inch display that trumps over the Mi 5S screen in terms of size, the latter only measuring 5.7 inches. Both are full HD however.

Under the hood

Huawei Mate 9 uses a Kirin 960 processing unit. That’s as good as it can get, as beating a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 is no easy feat. The latter is featured on the Xiaomi Mi 5S, by the way. A max of 6 GB of RAM will be available on both devices once the Mi 5S launches, and 256 GB of internal storage will be as high as Mate 9 will go. Xiaomi’s handset will have the same storage option however.

Xiaomi Mi 5S will excel on the rear and slack on the front, in regards to its camera combo, which features 13 MP and 4 MP respectively. It’s quite the opposite of the Mate 9, with its 12 MP – 8 MP combo.

There are plenty differences between the two but even at a not so deep glance we can easily see that user preference will heavily impact which device is better in each individual instance.