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The latest version of the Google Chrome mobile browser app is said to save you a lot of money. Version 55 comes with tweaks that will help reduce memory usage, boost performance, and other added features. It will also save you from the embarrassment of misspelled words.

In the latest version, whatever words that are misspelled in the text field will be automatically highlighted. Devices with 512MB RAM will also use 35% less memory, because of JavaScript Heap Size Reduction and Zone Memory Reduction. This results in performance boost for such devices. Chrome’s minimal design already guarantees smooth browsing, but the performance boost will definitely help devices with low memory.

But the new version’s biggest highlight is the download tab that allows users to download full web pages, including any text and images present on the site. Users can then read the downloaded web page offline.

If you want to download audio and videos instead, Google Chrome version 55 now includes a save icon next to the video scrubber. This provides an option for you to download the audio or video in the background.

With all these features, you are likely to want to download Google Chrome on your mobile device.

How to download and install Google Chrome app

  1. Visit Google Play Store, and run a search for Google Chrome app.
  2. From the list of apps, tap on the free Chrome app > Install.
  3. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  4. Tap Open when prompted to launch the app.
  5. Afterwards, repeat steps 1 and 2, but tap on the update version of the Chrome app instead.

This will update your installed Chrome to version 55. You can then enjoy the features listed above.

While downloading Chrome for Android and iOS devices are relatively safe. The same thing can’t be said for PC and Mac. Users are warned against unsafe downloads that come with malware.

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