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Just like any other tower defense type mobile game, Boom Beach requires patience and a creative strategist behind the screen taps. The objective of the game is to free islands from invaders and regain control of the land for the peaceful locals. You will have several tools at your disposal to help you on your mission, making the way you utilize your resources crucial to victory.

If you are finding it hard to come out on top in Beach Boom, take a look at these simple yet helpful tips that can change your perspective and how you approach each session.

Managing your time

Obviously, you won’t be spending the entirety of your time playing the game, which means that at some point, you will exit and do something else. That ties in with a game mechanic regarding construction. In Boom Beach, you have to construct certain building and each building will take a given amount of time to complete.

It is wise to commence building the ones that take a smaller amount of time while you are playing, and set up the big ones for construction just before you exit. This time, your downtime will actually put in some work for you

Focus Saw Mill

Upgrading the saw mill as fast as possible will benefit you greatly not only on the spot, but also in the long run. The saw mill facilitates your wood income, which is your primary building resource. Without wood, there’s nothing you can construct. That being said, the important of the saw mill is obvious, so make sure you take care of it before any other blueprints get the green light.

Scouting is key

Attacking a new zone without knowing what is waiting for you there is a certain way to get your troops killed. In the grand scheme of things, that just means you’re going to lose time and money for no reason so it’s best to scout an area first. That way, you know exactly what kind of units to deploy for a successful attack.

Trade gold for lumber

Lumber is a crucial resource in Boom Beach. Early on you won’t be seeing as much of it as you would like, so you can get your required lumber from Mangrove Trees. You can mill these trees in exchange for gold, meaning that you can get extra precious resources.