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Christmas is only a few days ahead and in case you haven’t started decorating your house to fit the Christmas theme we have just the right solution for you. Everyday technology keeps on improving and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are a bunch of apps that can help you with decorations ideas and even guides on how to create your own decorations, this way your Christmas tree will look better than it ever did.

Today we will go over the top three Christmas decorating apps that can be found available on Google’s Play Store.

DIY Christmas Decorations

The current trend in Christmas decorations is to create them yourself, and as its name implies this Android app helps users do exactly that. The app is filled with hundreds of “how to” guides to help users create the perfect DYI snowman or Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas Decorations

The app contains thousands of pictures of different ornaments and decorations but what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it features several categories. For example, the user can choose to see only traditional Christmas decorations or more modern ones that include outdoor Christmas lights decoration patterns.

Christmas Ornaments DIY

This is another DYI app but what separates from the first one is that it’s been build to include activities for the whole family. Using this app, users can include their children in the process of creating DYI decorations and create another fun Christmas activity. Worth including is that most of the decorations are not complicated and they have been designed to be kid friendly items.

Snow Winter House

Because we are talking about Android apps, we can’t forget about decorating our Android powered smartphones. This app provides users with Christmas themed wallpapers and screensavers.

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