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Having introduced Live Stories for Instagram back in November, Facebook has allowed its users to share live videos with followers via Instagram. This is somehow similar to Facebook’s Live Streaming.

Instagram’s Live Stories is somehow similar to how Snapchat works as shared videos disappear immediately as they have been seen by their recipients. No replays are made possible and it has become so popular that a huge amount of users have completely neglected Snapchat and opted to use Instagram Stories instead.

With its upcoming update to devices that sport Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile they are sure to attract an even greater amount of users notwithstanding their already otherworldly features. They can boast with over 100 million daily users.

Not only will this feature be made available in a few different areas but it will also feature a section in its Explore tab that can only mean an increase of popularity of users who are somewhat famous. Their live videos can be previewed via the Explore tab for fans to rejoice over what they are going to share.

This update is not scheduled to hit all devices at once and if you haven’t received it yet you’ll just have to wait for it to happen. Judging by its already huge popularity, Instagram is to hit Snapchat by storm and dethrone it as the most popular photo and video sharing app. We can only hope for this to happen as it will keep things interesting between the two tech behemoths.

The next year is sure to be an interesting year for developers as other big players are hitting the market with popular features and innovations for fans to enjoy. These giants include the likes of Google’s Allo, Instagram, Facebook, Viber and Snapchat.