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The Japanese tech giant is going to release a new console which will have an astonishing portable mode as well, brilliantly naming it Nintendo Switch. Fans will be in for a treat regarding its flexibility as you can take it to wherever you want while at the same time enjoying the same gaming quality a console provides.

Despite this excitement news from the popular website Digital Foundry have a lot of fans worried. It is said that the new Switch will have down-clocked speeds in the undocked mode. GPU and CPU down-clocks have been confirmed and developers are working around the clock prior to its release.

It will most likely run on a Maxwell 20nm chip with both GPU and CPU built on the same chip. Having different docked and undocked specs means that game developers will have to tweak their products to fit both specifications. As news confirms, it will pack a weaker punch while being in on-the-go mode giving developers a hard time.

Specs are rumored to feature clock speeds of 768MHz in console mode which is significantly lower even than of those present on an Android TV. Un-docked mode is said to feature a clock speed of 307.2MHz which mean Nintendo is thinking of thermal issues and battery life expectancy. It is said to run at 40% of its full capacity.

We can only believe that something great will come out of this device as these are only rumors. NVIDIA should’ve done something amazing to tweak Nintendo Switch’s processor and considering the fact that games which take a lot of high-end hardware to run such has Skyrim have been previewed on the device people are still not losing their faith in the Switch.