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We’ve made a compendium of free Android games which can be enjoyed either on your smartphone or tablet for this Christmas. Having some help offered by the guys from Google in regard to its top charts on their Play Store, there are still a few games which are to be enjoyed which are not mentioned there.

Pokemon Go

One of the most popular games to have hit this year, this game re-invented what augmented reality stood for and became a major hit. It basically means walking around exploring your neighborhood having the goal to catch as many Pokemon as you can and battle with other trainers.

Clash Royale

It’s basically a re-invented Clash of Clans and the realtime multiplayer allows its fans to collect cards which feature Clash of Clans themed content as well as newly added Royales such as Baby Dragons, Knights and even Princes. Your goal is to defeat your opponents culminating to killing the enemy Princess or King.

Real Racing 3

It might be a little bit out-dated but it’s the best racing simulator out there. Graphics are still state of the art and players have the option of battling real players in modes such as drag races, racing their rides on famous circuits and even upgrading your car.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

This Sim City-like game was written and developed in collaboration with the writers of the ever so famous TV show and to some extent it even features a lot of funny jokes and official voce acting. You basically have to build a hometown for Peter Griffin and unlock missions.

These free apps are available for download in the Google Play Store and are sure to keep you occupied during your holidays and even beyond. Make sure to download and enjoy them as they are the best sources of entertainment that is offered free of charge.