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The specs of both devices were compared and no conclusion was drawn as they are both high-end devices which feature state of the art technology. The only line that could be drawn was regarding their respective storage space which was bang on even.

We’ve assessed factors such as display, battery life, connectivity and processors of these two flagships. Regarding its processing power the Surface Book is miles ahead of what Apple can offer. Other features were regarded as being superior and we’re going to list some of these here.

Innovative Design

Display-wise, it is rumored that the next-gen Microsoft flagship laptop will showcase a 2 in 1 design. It will be usable as both a notebook and Windows-powered tablet. Its screen is rumored to feature an out of this world detachable 4k resolution screen.  Its only downside is that it will only be made available in a 13.5-inch design and Apple is known to come with various display variants.

Up until today the spec-wise battle is drawn between sixth-generation Sky Lake chips. For their future devices however they are rumored to feature Kaby Lake chips in regard to Microsoft which will surely make it faster and more efficient.

More Power

This comparison can also be made in terms of power and connectivity as it will be most likely that Microsoft’s device will feature USB Type-C connectivity. It will even out the competition as Apple already sports one on its premium MacBook Pro 2016.

When it comes to battery life, the Surface Pro is to outlast Apple’s device which currently lasts an average of 10 hours. Microsoft’s device is rumored to last about 12.5 hours on a full charge.

When it comes to sales these two units are sure to skyrocket and only a matter of preference will make the difference between them. Surely, both of them are great but considering comparisons Microsoft has a slight advantage in this battle.