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Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest installment in the long running intergalactic adventure that has had players step in as Commander Sheppard for the first time around 10 years ago.

Although there are some massive changes to Andromeda in contrast with previous titles, it’s still part of the franchise and a large following can’t wait to get their hands on it. Usually, a new AAA game launch is answered with a moderate dose of “console vs pc” discussions going around the community. This time around, it looks like Xbox One might have the edge on both PC gamers and their PlayStation 4 console peers.

A recent screenshot showcasing the online store from GraingerGames, showcases a thumbnail of Mass Effect Andromeda and an EA Access info tip on top of it. The info tip says “play it first on Xbox One” which is pretty self explanatory. It looks like Microsoft’s gaming system will benefit from EA’s EA Access program perks and will be able to give its user base a taste of Andromeda first.

This goes hand in hand with EA’s recent game policy which made us see gametime for most of recent EA releases on the Xbox platform ahead of any other competitor. Such titles include the very well received Star Wars Battlefront and EA’s popular sport franchises like NHL/NFL 17. Titanfall 2 on the other hand is a game that can’t be featured on this list.

All in all, it seems that Xbox users will be getting a sneak peak if you would, and will get to be the first ones to experience the much anticipated sequel to Mass Effect 3, which many weren’t too happy about, specifically about the way it ended.

Let’s hope that Andromeda will be able to set a new high for the franchise and also provide an adequate ending.