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The latest update of Adobe Flash Player is finally out! This is known as version and it come with new features, security updates and bug fixes. The update applies to MacOS, Linuc system, Windows and Chrome OS users.

The update that included Linux systems came as a surprise since a few months ago, an announcement was made by Adobe Systems that come 2017, the support for the NPAPI Flash Player version will not be provided anymore. And then Chris Campbell of Adobe made a statement that there was a reversal.

As for the reason why the sudden change of plans, no clarification was given. What Campbell confirmed, though, was that once testing was over and the community has spoken, both the PPAPI and NPAPI Linux builds will be released and further updates should be expected. Moreover, these updates will be concurrent with other platform updates. They even made a promise that no Linux user will be left behind since they plan to keep Linux fans abreast of future update releases.

Adobe Flash Player Installation

For those who do not have the Flash Player installed in their browsers, there are steps to take to be able to use this graphics and multimedia freeware.

The first step is to type the website link “http:/”. If your browser already has built-in Adobe Flash Player, you will be notified with a reminder that the browser will automatically update when a new version is available. You just need to follow the instructions provided in another link.

If you have another browser to download the Flash Player, type the link “” and you will be brought to the page. Choose the Operating System you are using from the first selection box on the left side of the window. Next, choose from the drop-down menu the version you want to install.

Once you have made the appropriate choices, you can now click on the “Download” button to start the process and save the file if you are prompted to do so. After, you can now look for the saved Adobe Flash Player installer and double click the said file to start installation. For downloading Flash Player on your Android phone without Play Store support, there is another way to do it.