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The latest stable iOS jailbreak tool available right now is compatible with iOS 9 and the most popular reason to why Apple power users might want to jailbreak their operating system is because they can get their hands on paid apps without paying any money by using Installous alternatives or the Cydia Store.

The best place to find third party apps is Cydia store, but the store has been having its fair share of problems lately and Installous alternatives are the best third party apps iOS users can choose right now. Today we will go over the top four most popular Installous alternatives.


This app has been first made available back in 2008 and since then it’s been filled with hundreds of free apps, but what makes it special is that it allows Apple users to install Android apps on their iOS powered devices.


This Installous alternative comes in quite handy because it allows iOS users to connect their iPhone to their Windows or Mac PCs. Using the app users will be able to transfer files straight to their PCs without having to go through iCloud or iTunes first.


This app has been developed by Chinese hackers and its name means “Use it Quickly” and this name implies that it might be shutdown soon. This Installous alternative allows users to download whatever they want just by using their own Apple ID. Worth mentioning is that it allows users to download both paid and free apps.


This is the most professional Installous alternative and its user interface has been designed to be as simple as it can be. Another reason to why Apple fans are jailbreaking their operating systems is to be able to enhance their hardware parts by using certain tweaks and this app provides users with a large array of tweaks from where they can chose.

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