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Enjoying a great deal of popularity among users for many years, Apple has definitely done some wrong this year following its Apple Watch Series update, MacBook Pro 2016 low battery expectancy and lastly regarding its latest iOS update to iPhone devices.

Apple announced that devices that are to be upgraded to iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1 are not recognized as legitimate updated devices regardless of device be it either iPhone, iPad and iPod. Those who choose to downgrade from the latest 10.2 software are not allowed to anymore as of last week.

Their software makes the device encounter the infamous 30% battery bug and it can affect every device which sports iOS 10 without its latest models, namely iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This bug causes phones to die when they are at exactly 30% battery capacity.

The tech giant has officially announced that this issue is commonly occurred on small batches of iPhone 6S devices but with no evidence to back it up. They’ve even released a 62 page thread on Support Community forums as they’ve got bombarded with infuriating reports from users.

This comes as a major setback as the battery percentage will display a certain level for a period of time and then it randomly drops in percentages. Apple has counterattacked this bug by adding a battery diagnostics tool in iOS 10.2. Those who sport more recent devices also have the option of upgrading to Apple’s iOS 10.2.1 which is available in a beta state.

That’s not exactly what a premium product buyer would expect but it shows a glimmer of hope on the horizon and we can only hope for them to fix the problem as soon as possible. Cynics will heavily criticize Apple’s 2016 but be rest assured that they will come back as strong as ever in 2017.