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Google’s new Pixels have been praised for their specs, and owners of flagships made by other rival companies are envious because it’s not clear when their devices will get the taste of the latest Nougat update. But it’s not all rosy, because a few days ago, some Pixel owners started complaining about a serious issue.

According to complainants, when the volume is set to the three highest levels, the sound quality is awful, resulting in a cracking noise that scratches the ear and some features such as Daydream VR become unusable.

Google acknowledged the problem, and it seems that it has nothing to do with the hardware, because one user named Mark Buckman had received a replacement device and it had the same audio issues, so the company has offered him a refund.

If more users will start asking for refunds, this will affect Google’s business, unless the company will come up with a new update, because it seems that the same guy who firstly contacted Google has already found a workaround. Unfortunately, his solution didn’t work for the Pixel XL, so users will need to wait for a future software update from Google that will fix the audio problem.

On the other hand, those who are planning to buy an unlocked Pixel 32GB will spend $625 on it instead of $649, but this offer is available only for a limited time and the device can be purchased from NewEgg.

It’s good to know that Verizon is Google’s exclusive US carrier partner who sells the Pixel and Pixel XL unlocked, but the two devices are also available through AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The latter is also offering account credit to Pixel owners who bring their phones to one of the carrier’s stores. Those who own the Google Pixel will receive $240 and the Pixel XL owners will receive $325 over the course of two years.

The deal will end on December 31, so hurry up and visit one of Sprint’s stores to receive, each month, a $10 credit for your Pixel, or a $13.55 credit for your Pixel XL.