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Being based on Google’s Street View combined with Google Earth it will allow its users to travel all over the world from the comfort of their own homes. Things like commitment, family and work will not be considered a hindrance anymore as Google is trying to offer its users the possibility of exploring.

A virtual version of Google Earth is going to be developed and it will be compatible with most virtual reality headsets. It should work exactly as a combination between Google Earth and Google Street View but this time it’s right in front of your eyes as if you were right there.

Fancy a virtual trip to Portugal or want to see with your own eyes how the Rio Carnival feels like? In no time at all this will be reality rather than a probability. Having the option to see any corner of this world with your own eyes is regarded as being the most important piece of news that hit tech forums this year.

A blog post issued by Google stated that they know the world is exactly 196.9 square miles big and they’ve always wanted to provide their users with the possibility to explore every corner of it. Cinematic tours and pre-picked destinations will be also made available which will send you to the wildest and most exotic places that you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Google Earth VR is available for download free of charge from the Steam store. It is also the same store that supports the HTC Vive. Investing big on Virtual Reality, this app comes available only for those who can run it as you will need an expensive and powerful HTC Vive headset to run it.

However, tweaks are expected to be made in order to provide a wider range of users to benefit from this app as well.

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