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Google recently released an update for both its web and mobile browser app, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements. As if Chrome is not already taking a huge chunk of the browser market, its popularity is sure to grow exponentially following the update.

Chrome 55 is said to improve significantly a user’s browsing experience. The update will be rolled out in phases, giving everyone something to look forward to each and every time.

One of the major updates that Chrome 55 brings to Mac, Windows and Linux is the switch to HTML5 as its default player instead of Flash. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that Google is among the first to block the Flash player plugin from its browser. The transition would mean faster load times and more energy-efficient browsing.

What Chrome 55 specifically includes is the CSS automatic hyphenation that will improve the visual appeal of text -blocks, automatically hyphenating words when line-wrapping.

On Android devices, on the other hand, the latest update includes several features.

  • Easy download of full web pages for offline viewing
  • Easy download of music and videos
  • Easy view and share of downloads within the browser
  • Improved contextual search UI
  • Quick highlight of misspelled words in the text field

In the latest version, a save icon will be featured next to an audio or video player if and when a media file can be saved. Pressing on the new button will initiate downloading in the background.

The Downloads section of the updated browser will also show the amount of space that the downloaded files have used up. This way, you will know if you still have room for additional downloads.

On top of these, Chrome 55 can also reduce RAM consumption by 50%. This will enable low-memory devices to run Chrome without causing their phone or tablets to freeze or crash.