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Developed by Opera Software and initially released on August 10, 2005, Opera Mini is a lightweight web browser designed for smartphones, mobile phones and PDAs. This fast browser is supported by various platforms, including, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, iOS and is downloadable for free.

A rival to UC Browser Mini, Opera Min also promises excellent web-browsing experience. It boasts of fast browsing speed since by default, this mobile web browser opens one connection to the proxy servers. This capability result to improved transfer speed that allows servers to synchronize changes to bookmarks stored in Opera Link swiftly. The Opera Link service allows for backing up bookmarks, search engines and speed dials to My Opera but it ended in March 2014.

One of the features of Opera Mini is Java support in which JavaScript is processed by the proxy server and is rendered only on the device when Opera Mini is used in web browsing. It also has scrolling features with the use of a stylus pen, arrow keys and number keys. Additionally, image quality on the device using the web browser can be set to low, medium or high.

Opera Mini also has browsing tools that include a search bar that has the ability to search pre-configured search engines, other than the default search engines, Google and Wikipedia. Moreover, it the Mini supports web feed aggregator, skins and shortcut keys. It also allows the user to download files, save bookmarks and save web pages for later reading offline.

There are other numerous features that come with Opera Mini. It is capable of data tracking so user can check information saved in the settings menu. This browser also allows incognito browsing which gives the user the option to not save browsing history. Also, multi-browsing is also available with Opera Mini that searching the net is still fast even if multiple tabs are open. Users can also download files in the background, that is, even browsing continues, downloading is not interrupted. Other features include saving favorite sites, getting the latest news and synching devices. Just like UC Browser Mini, Opera Mini also has the Night mode and it is also possible to make another search engine the default search engine.

The latest update of Opera Mini was released on December 20 this year, with the version 21.0.2254.111677. With this update, changes were included, such as, updated main menu items, performance improvement, new reload button located at the bottom of the navigation bar. The new version also comes with a built-in ad blocker for uninterrupted browsing. Watching video on a later time is also possible with the update. Moreover, sites that are frequently visited can now be added to the home screen.

The features of Opera Mini make it one of the most popular web browsers today. It is safe and even allows users to download videos from the social media. It saves time and data usage when browsing and is free. More importantly, it is easy to download via Play Store and does not eat up much memory space at only 3.62 MB.