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The ever so popular messaging app Snapchat which is owned by Snap has some dark days coming for them. Sporting a total of 150 million users each month it is priced at around $25 billion and is even said to go public by next year. Despite these numbers, a huge problem awaits for them. It bears the name of Facebook Inc and an interesting clash is about to go down.

Having acquired Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012, Facebook has caused uproar among tech observers and Mark Zuckerberg has been heavily criticized. According to Forbes, Instagram is currently worth a whopping $50 billion. These interesting facts and figures are about to cement themselves in what is believed to be the biggest battle in the industry.

How To Beat Goliath

Battling off the giant without losing an inch ever since 2017 when they’ve launched an Android app in response to Facebook’s Poke where Snapchat hands-down won the dispute, they now seem powerless in regard with Facebook’s future plans.

Instagram is beating Snapchat to a pulp as it will add a feature that Snapchat has, entitled Instagram Stories. Users are now available to place stickers with text over photos and videos which will then be shared with friends. This comes as a clear poke to Snapchat as this is the feature that made them so popular among fans. If the plans come out as a success, Facebook is sure to score big out of it.

The Imitation Game

The Journal reported that Instagram Stories will be somewhat different in terms with what Snapchat offers, maybe be even better according to some specialists as it will allow live-streamed video feeds to their fans. These videos however can disappear once they’ve been seen by respective recipients. A common feature also encountered in Snapchat.

Having announced such amazing features which will be implemented on the ever so popular Instagram we are only to hope for Snapchat to come out with something new and innovating to keep the battle interesting.