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Having an user base of over 1 billion WhatsApp received a lot of updates recently including the likes of GIF support and streaming videos before they have finished downloading. Despite being the most popular messaging app it still has some fierce competition where apps like Google Allo, Hike Messenger and Telegram are giving them a run for its money.

Specific features of these competitors are considered to be a great addition to WhatsApp if they decide to include them. We are going to highlight some of these features which are expected to hit WhatsApp pretty soon.

Google Allo was recently made available on Google’s Play Store and what sets it apart from other apps is its Virtual Assistant which is basically a Google Search Bar in-built into the app. It can provide users information about weather, news and location without leaving the app. If you find yourself in a boring conversation WhatsApp users doesn’t offer any entertainment like Hike Messenger and Facebook Messenger which have integrated games into them.

Photo and video sharing on WhatsApp is limited to only 10 at a time which means that you’ll have to spend a lot of time let’s say if you want to send a whole photo album or a lot of videos. Being restricted to sending them in batches can only cause frustration among users.

Another great feature which misses from WhatsApp is creating and sending secret chats. If you want your conversation to be as secret as possible, WhatsApp messages cannot be hidden or self-destruct as they do in Telegram.

Updating its GIF support, WhatsApp has missed a critical detail. GIF libraries were not made available as they are on Facebook Messenger or Telegram. It comes as a nuisance to have to search for a certain GIF on a third-party service.

Despite living in the era of information, having to send large files is not possible on WhatsApp despite the fact that the likes of its competitors allow the sending of files that exceed 1GB. The biggest impediment however is the fact that users cannot send messages to people who do not appear in their respective contact lists.

Users highly expect WhatsApp to change at least a few of these features which will surely grow its already big user base and popularity.