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That number definitely says a lot for the brand new game by Nintendo, Super Mario Run. As you probably know, the first smartphone edition of Super Mario Run is a reincarnation of the legendary Super Mario game we used to play on the Nintendo game consoles. But what makes it so different from that version back then?

Well, the first thing is the graphics, and the second is the resolution. Also, instead of played on a console, Super Mario Run can now be played on devices with screens of all sizes. And although the game has been officially presented to Apple devices only, there is a possibility for a Super Mario Run APK Download for Android as well.

Anyways, the most important thing that made 40 million downloads in only 4 days was the pre-popularity of the game. In a nutshell, everyone knew what Super Mario Run will be all about and everyone knew that Nintendo is serious about their game editions, especially after the success in July with Pokemon Go racking up the biggest number of first week downloads in App Store history.

When it comes to Super Mario Run, though, it is estimated that the game will exceed the download numbers of many other games, especially knowing that ever since it was officially presented, it was download 3.5 million times in 14 hours, with later conquering the 10 million number sweet spot in its first 24 hours of release only.

According to news, the Android version of Super Mario Run is about to come sometime in 2017. Now that the tension around the game is building up, it is fair to say that this will happen very soon and Android users will finally be able to relax with the legendary Mario game. Let’s just hope that sometime comes soon so we can all enjoy playing Super Mario Run.

And if you are new to the entire Super Mario Run story, let’s just not spoil things to you. We’ll say that there are some great features including wall jumps, midair spins, spin strikes, midair stalls , climbing jumps, rolling jumps and vaulting jumps – all revamped from a decade ago and made a lot better.

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