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Popcap’s major hit got a sequel to their ever so popular game. This time however the free to play game has a completely new feeling attached to it and players worldwide are going crazy over it. We are here to offer you some tips and tricks to get you through the hardest stages of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Sunflower Power

If Sunflowers were important in the previous game, this one makes no difference. Go for rows of 2 Sunflowers per level as they can improve your plant acquisitions. Our best strategy is to pair them with Potato Mines to cover your planting.

Shop Smart

If you find yourself short on money or plants bear in mind that the most effective plants to use are Threepeaters and Snapdragons as they have are-of-effect offensive capabilities. If you place them in lanes 2 and 4 and you’ll pretty much cover the whole area.

Feed Your Plants

If you find yourself stuck and plants are in their refresh timer give them a little nudge with some plant food. This is most effective on Coconut Cannons as they pack a big punch and it will reset their attack timer.

Surviving Pirates

Last Stand III can prove a bit difficult to pass in Pirate World. We strongly advise you to use Bonk Choy and Spikeweeds. Doing so, the level will clear itself without you not even needing to look at your device. Spikeweeds cannot be eaten by zombies and Bonk Choys will simply destroy them.

Finish Your Levels

Killing the yeti won’t just simply reward you with treasure if you immediately close the map. In order to have access to yeti goodies you’ll have to kill him and then complete the level. Exiting after a kill won’t just do as you will lose the treasure.

Kernel-pults vs Seagull Zombies

Seagull Zombies will go down with a splash if you are going to use a Kernel-pult. Aim at it with the plant if you see one of them going for a level. Just bear in mind that you’ll have to watch for them going over the sea. Keep a Kernel-pult in your inventory.

Zombies Have Patterns

Zombies usually attack in a single pattern regardless of level. If you find yourself in a rut and cannot pass a level do bear in mind that it will keep its attacks as they were before. Repeat the level as many times you need to make sure you memorize and then kill those bad guys.