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Jailbreaking Apple’s iOS10 is one of the hottest topics of 2016, and with less than a month left until the New Year, people were frustrated about still not receiving a Jailbreak solution for their iPhones.

The usual suspects when it comes to jailbreaking, Pangu, and even private developer Luca Todesco claimed they are working on solutions but left fans waiting for weeks on end.

Pangu eventually resided from the race as they weren’t able to jailbreak Apple’s latest firmware. Luca Todesco went on to recommend that people keep their iPhones on iOS version 10.1.1, as it has the most potential for a future Jailbreak tool.

The future is now, and it seems that a solution has finally arrived. If your iPhone is running iOS 10.1.1, you can consider yourself eligible to use this jailbreaking method. It is impervious however than you are aware of the dangers you are exposing your handset to before proceeding.

First of all, the regular Jailbreak risks come into play such as instantly losing your iPhone warranty.

Then there’s also the fact that this method is extremely unstable and can backfire badly since it’s in its most early stages. Only iPhone 7 and 7 Plus units have been recorded so far to have successfully use it.

  • Download Yalu and Cydia Impactor onto your computer;
  • Extract the Impactor zip and run the Impactor executable;
  • “Trust” if prompted and connect your iPhone through a USB cable;
  • Once Cydia Impactor is up and running, drag the rest of the downloaded content (mach_portal and Yalu) and drop them over Impactor;
  • Enter your Apple credentials when prompted so that the IPA can be signed;
  • The developer profile which was created with your email address must be trusted;
  • Start the Yalu app and wait for it to do its magic;
  • Congratulations, your iPhone is now jailbroken.