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HTC is definitely a smartphone manufacturer that knows how to leave its mark on the industry each time it comes out with a new flagship device. This time around, it looks like the company is planning big for 2017, which is right around the corner. Not only HTC provide a top dog, high end flagship, but also a mid-range, more accessible device that will favor those less likely to dig deep into their wallets for a new daily drive.

Checking what each of them will have under the hood will give us a first impression about what is to come from the Thai manufacturer.  Let’s see what 2017 holds for HTC fans and if it will have any chance of competing on the smartphone market next year.

HTC 11

The higher ranked HTC 11 will allegedly come with a big enough QHD display measuring 5.5 inches. This screen will fit a 2560 x 1440 resolution which will be more than enough for most people. Going deeper inside the phone’s specs, there are talks about a Snapdragon 835 processing unit provided by Qualcomm, which will be paired with an Adreno graphics chip.

To be more specific, we are looking at the 540 model. In terms of RAM, HTC 11 will sport 8 GB which can be considered a bit of an overkill for the time being but nonetheless, great spec to have. To support it all, HTC calls upon a 3700 mAH battery unit. With most high end devices nowadays opting for 4000+ mAH units, it will be interesting to see how this handset will deal with battery life.


This phone is bound to become HTC’s mid-range solution for 2017. To back up this claim, it provides the MediaTek Helio P10 processing unit. For GPU duties, the Mali t860 takes over, supported by the available 3 GB of RAM. Not a lot of information on this device just yet, but more is bound to make its way on the internet as we approach 2017.

So far, it sounds like a decent setup but the remaining pieces of the puzzle have the ability to make or break the phone.

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