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Angry Birds Go! Is the next step in the Angry Birds franchise. The classic bird slingin’ game has expanded to kart driving and managing, which comes with its own set of challenges.

There might be certain aspects of the game you are having trouble mastering, which is understandable. If either that or something else is keeping you from fully enjoying the game, check out these tips and tricks that will help you maximize your Angry Birds Go! performance.

The Coin Doubler is the way to with upgrades

This Angry Birds installment features micro transactions that some might not agree with. If you don’t mind them and often times go for the purchase, be sure to make your buck count.

The Coin Doubler is the best purchasable upgrade you can get as it literally doubles your coins income. If you collect 400 coins, surprise! You’ve actually collected 800 coins thanks to the Coin Doubler. That’s pretty neat.

Hug the inside track

By keeping to the inside of the racing track you can considerably reduce your total lap times. It’s a simple matter of having less distance to cover, which means more time…to cover less distance. Are you following? Great, not get on that track and leave your opponents in your rearview mirror.

Timing is of the essence

Angry Birds Go! features power ups which can be used whenever you want. However, you shouldn’t use them whenever you want, but rather whenever it’s necessary. Timing your power ups for key moments of each race will make the difference between a bad or OK run and a great run. Use your best judgment to identify the best moment for each boost, and don’t just throw them out randomly.

Kart upgrades

Playing this game will also require you to upgrade your kart. This is done by increasing the kart’s stats, one at a time. You can upgrade stats such as Acceleration, Handling, Strength and Top Speed. The first and last ones in this list are the best you can choose to upgrade initially, as they will give you the best upgrade points/race effectiveness ratio.

Once you get a hang of applying these little tricks into your gameplay, you are will undoubtedly notice a major improvement in your overall performance.

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