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This year, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners got a treat from Square Enix. A new Final Fantasy game finally arrived and it’s been making a bit of a buzz within the gaming community. After a tumultuous release including slight delays and a Day One patch with a considerable size, the game was finally available and eager fans did not hesitate to snatch a copy.

Today, we’re looking at a new addition for Final Fantasy XV, in the form of a new patch. The update which brings the game to version 1.03 features a couple of elements which we’ll go over in just a second. Before that, we have to touch on the size of the patch.

If you’re going to download the 1.03 update make sure you have 3.74 GB of free space available because that’s how much you’ll need on an Xbox One. PS4 owner only need to come up with 3.20 GB of storage space.

Some new items have been added to the game, each with its own effect upon the user’s experience. If you deem it necessary, you can seize XP gains through the Nixperience Band which stops XP points tailing, or boost your AP after earning an A+ in a non-training scenario. The latter is achieved through an item called Warrior’s Fanfare.

There is also something called Carnival Passport. This item will apparently take you to fun guaranteed carnival. Be wary though, as it comes with an expiration date.

Additionally, players will also be able to enjoy a new game mode called New Game Plus. This will overwrite your save files and start a new game with nothing carrying over other than weapons, costumes and settings. The Regalia and Engine Blade will revert to their original states once a New Game Plus is commenced.

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